RJD2 – More Is Than Isn’t

Has More Is Than Isn't by RJD2 leaked? Yes

In the words of RJD2 himself:

More Is Than Isn’t is available Oct. 8th on my label RJ’s Electrical Connections. The album is largely instrumental, but I still worked with some great vocalists/friends like Phonte Coleman, Aaron Livingston, Blueprint, P. Blackk, STS, and Khari Mateen. I’m really proud of the range on this album. While I’m tempted to get deeper into descriptions, I also like the idea of you all listening with a clean slate. Just know that I wouldn’t bother releasing it if I didnt think it was funky as hell.

RJD2 - More Is Than Isn't Tracklisting

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  • 1. Suite 1
  • 2. Temperamental (Featuring: Phonte Coleman)
  • 3. Behold, Numbers!
  • 4. Her Majesty’s Socialist Request
  • 5. A Lot of Night Ahead of You
  • 6. Bathwater (Featuring: P. Blackk)
  • 7. Milk Tooth
  • 8. Suite 2
  • 9. Winter Isn’t Coming
  • 10. See You Leave (Featuring: STS and Khari Mateen)
  • 11. Got There, Sugar?
  • 12. Love and Go (Featuring: Aaron Livingston)
  • 13. Descended From Myth
  • 14. Dirty Hands
  • 15. It All Came To Me In A Dream (Featuring: Blueprint)
  • 16. Suite 3

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